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About us

Our decentralised outreach strategy reaches out to over 10, 000 members in six provinces where, at present, 48 area leaders are selected to manage membership groups and networks in programme areas. Area leaders ensure effective communication and real time response to programme implementation.

Established in 1995, Kunzwana Women’s Association is a Zimbabwean non-governmental organisation whose vision is to facilitate women living in rural areas to be included in all Zimbabwean developmental and economic processes.

Kunzwana’s economic empowerment programmes are embedded in equipping rural women with requisite skills to engage in profitable entrepreneurship.



Our members follow a self-paced modular training which concludes with Business Management and Financial Literacy Training.

Qualifying participants are also introduced to Digital Training to ensure smooth operation in their businesses. Trainees are encouraged to diversify, value add, upscale and expand economic activities in order to increase market share.

Development Strategy

Group solidarity, clubs and networks are effectively employed by Kunzwana to achieve its developmental goals
This is in addition to a self-paced four modular training programme which affiliated members follow to acquire practical skills. Our training curriculum and training materials are tailor made to meet the needs of rural women entrepreneurs. Training includes Financial Literacy, Digital training and assessments to be considered for affordable finance.

A woman champion resident in the village and is part of Kunzwana structures is called an Area Leader. She oversees implementation of Kunzwana projects, mobilizes and maintains membership, leverages on local resources and is part of local leadership. She is the custodian of Kunzwana resources in the village.

What makes us

Since inception in 1995, Kunzwana economic development programmes have progressed from a state of dependency where members had limited education, lacked information and placed the burden on the secretariat to do all the work.

Our success stories depict a developmental cycle that members go through. Their testimonials give Kunzwana hope that real transformation is possible and that with the necessary inputs industrialisation can be led from rural areas.

Members across Zimbabwe
Livelihoods improved by our intervention.
Districts where we have signed MOUs with District Administrators in order to contribute to the development agenda of the District.
Kunzwana Women’s Association development programmes are implemented in 6 out of 10 provinces in Zimbabwe
Over USD1 million
Received from our partners. All of which are accounted for.
Transparency of activities and project funding audited by Delloite Financial Auditors.

Meet the team

Dr Emmie Wade

Executive Director

Dr Emmie Wade is an economist who has transformed Kunzwana into a significant development institution using grassroots experience to impact on both local and international policy frameworks.

Mrs Evelyn Sitiya

Centre Manager / Programme Manager

Evelyn Sitiya is qualified in Adult Education, Community Participation and Entrepreneurship. She has served Kunzwana since inception and has come up through the ranks to managing the Association development hub in rural Macheke.

Mr Pride Mupfupi

Computer Trainer / Office Clerk

Pride Mupfupi is qualified in Information Technology Systems. His duties include training in computer applications, coordinating development activities and supporting senior management with clerical functions.

Mr Steffen Wiese

Business Development Advisor

Steffen Wiese is a Development specialist and is responsible for securing sustainable market niches for membership. He advocates professional packaging and labelling in order to secure export markets.

Mrs Tracey Chingaipe

Head of Skills Training

Tracey Chingaipe is qualified in Fashion, Garment Making and Crafts. She is the head of Skills Training Department at the Mationesa Skills Training Centre and also coordinates field based practical skills trainings.

Mr Kudzai Mahlunge

Head of Digital and ICT Training

Kudzai Mahlunge is qualified in ICT for Development and has established a field based Digital Training Hub which provides trainings in e-commerce and computer skills to ICDL level.

Ms Hazvinei Samata

Finance Officer

Hazvinei Samata combines Retail, Banking and Financial Management skills ensuring value for money both for programmes and operations. She is responsible for capturing financial data, supports Audit exercises and informs on the financial status of the Association.

Mrs Tamary Mandivava Matapo

Programme Assistant

Tamary holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in International Studies. She has been with the Kunzwana team for six years supporting the Executive Director to implement projects and programmes supported by multinational agencies such as the UN system and European partners.

Mr Tatenda Zvandasara

Evaluation and Administration Specialist

Tatenda Zvandasara has been with Kunzwana since 2015. He holds an Associate of Science Degree in Business Management from PennFoster College USA, an Executive Certificate in Project and Programme Monitoring and Evaluation from the University of Zimbabwe. 

We could tell you of our success stories...

...but again, we could just show you our trail. Visit our gallery page and see what we have been involved in!

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