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Kunzwana Women's Association

Facilitating financial inclusion, providing practical skills training and connecting to sustainable niche markets for women and youths living in rural areas.

Linking buyers and sellers


Market fair

Capacity building

Financial literacy

Acknowledging Talent

Kunzwana’s economic empowerment programmes are embedded in equipping rural women with requisite skills to engage in profitable entrepreneurship.

Economic Empowerment

Kunzwana Women’s Association's vision is to facilitate women living in rural areas to be included in all Zimbabwean developmental and economic processes.

Self-paced Training

Over 10,000 rural women are affiliated to Kunzwana. They follow a self-paced modular training which concludes with Business Management and Financial Literacy Training.

Community Focus

Group solidarity, clubs and networks are effectively employed by Kunzwana to achieve its developmental goals.

Digital Training

Qualifying participants are introduced to Digital Training, linked to sustainable markets and affordable finance in order to diversify, value add, upscale and expand their businesses.

Practical Skills

Participants are equipped with life-long skills including, but not limited to, carpentry, sewing and hand-craftsmanship.

Market Sourcing

Kunzwana facilitates linkage between its members and lucrative markets, both local and international.

Bringing out the talent within

Mationesa Skills Training Centre is becoming a development hub for rural women entrepreneurs who seek information and support services to register and operate their businesses profitably.

More information about Kunzwana MSTC projects and other centres too, highlighting how Kunzwana is bringing out the talent within.

Limitless learning and opportunities

We equip women with skills to succeed. Technology is used to meet different training requirements. At the end of the training a product must meet Fair trade standards, must appeal to high end users and sophisticated markets.

“Kunzwana Women’s Association has undoubtedly pulled me out of the jaws of poverty.”


Mai Rafewe

Club Member

“Above everything else, Kunzwana gave me the wings of financial independence – I am very grateful.”


Mai Tracy Tserayi

Tabudirira Club Chair

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